RoboForm Review 2023: Is Password Manager Really Safe?

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🛡️Security 8.0 / 10
💡Features 7.0 / 10
👍Ease of Use 8.0 / 10
📞Support 8.0 / 10
🏷️Pricing 9.0 / 10

Roboform Overview April 2023

RoboForm started off as a form-filling software but has now become a renowned name in the password manager space. Is it as useful and secure as some of the best password managers currently available, though? I tested it myself to find out and was pleasantly surprised.

I easily used RoboForm to create, save, and use secure passwords across all my devices, and it kept my information safe with industry-standard AES 256-Bit encryption. It offers an easy-to-use web extension that can capture and fill forms and login information and save many other sensitive data. Also, it comes with full support for multi-factor authentication and has a helpful security center that provides lots of helpful information at a glance.

Overall, RoboForm excels at what it does and comes with free, paid, and business plans. The free plan is limited to a single device, while the paid RoboForm Everywhere plan will let you use it anywhere. RoboForm Everywhere comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well, so you can test it risk-free.

Try RoboForm risk-free for 30 days

Don’t Have Time? Here’s a 1-Minute Summary

Try RoboForm risk-free for 30 days



RoboForm Offers Airtight Security

You’ll be glad to learn that RoboForm safeguards your data with military-grade security. It uses strong encryption, which has been paired with other security features like two-factor authentication (2FA) to keep your data secure.

Industry-Standard Encryption

It gave me peace of mind knowing that RoboForm uses AES 256-Bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA 256 to ensure airtight security for my data. Screenshot of RoboForm's Encryption

RoboForm kept my data secure with AES 256-Bit encryption

It pairs this unbreakable encryption with the fact that all decryption is handled locally on devices using your master password. This makes me feel secure knowing that my data is always going to be safe from prying eyes and can’t be accessed by third parties.

Full-Fledged Security Center

Among RoboForm’s most useful features is the security center, which is a great tool to help you make sure that all your passwords are secure. It analyzes each of your stored passwords and rates them based on their strength. Plus, it gives you an overall security score based on the strength of your passwords.

Screenshot of RoboForm's Security Center

RoboForm’s security center let me easily check my overall security score

The security center will also give you a list of duplicate passwords that you can change for something more secure. Also, it’ll let you know if any of your passwords have been compromised in a data breach. Something odd that’s worth mentioning is that the compromised passwords section only appears on mobile apps, and doesn’t show up on the RoboForm Windows app.

Screenshot of RoboForm's compromised passwords section

I could only find the compromised passwords section on RoboForm’s mobile app

All things considered, RoboForm’s security center is a great feature that I often used to keep track of my passwords. I really like how it tells me exactly how secure all my passwords are in a single glance.

Multi-Factor Authentication

I found that RoboForm has a variety of multi-factor authentication options to give you an added layer of security. It fully supports 2FA which you can set up with your email or phone number. It will also let you use TOTP apps like Google Authenticator with RoboForm if that’s what you prefer. Setting 2FA up is easy and you can do it from the Security tab under My Settings in the RoboForm web client.

Screenshot of RoboForm's 2FA feature

I set up 2FA through RoboForm’s web portal

2FA is only available for the paid RoboForm Everywhere, though. You won’t have access to this feature if you’re using RoboForm Free. You can also use biometrics to authenticate yourself on RoboForm’s mobile app. I successfully authenticated myself and accessed my data in a second after setting up biometrics in the mobile app.

I was impressed with RoboForm’s support for different multi-factor authentication tools but was disappointed that authentication through USB tokens like YubiKey is missing. This is a useful security feature that only lets you access your data if you have the physical USB token. I recommend checking out 1Password if you prefer to use this form of authentication.

Overall, I can say for sure that RoboForm is a great password manager in terms of security. It uses top-tier encryption, multiple layers of authentication, and handles decryption locally to keep your information as secure as possible.

Privacy — RoboForm Is Fully GDPR Compliant

I consider RoboForm a very privacy-friendly password manager. It’s fully GDPR compliant, which means its data management and business practices are according to the safeguards outlined by the EU’s GDPR legislation. It has also completed a full information audit and does not store any sensitive personal data, as identified by GDPR.

Screenshot of RoboForm's GDPR compliance

RoboForm is compliant with all GDPR regulations

RoboForm also has measures in place to immediately report on any personal data breaches. This gives me comfort knowing that I’ll immediately be notified if my passwords are breached, so I can change them as soon as possible. Plus, RoboForm is Privacy Shield certified, which means it uses industry-standard data protection and management practices.

Screenshot of RoboForm's Privacy Shield certification

I had peace of mind knowing that RoboForm is privacy shield certified

I want to highlight that RoboForm does keep some user data, but only to manage your account and run its own business processes. This includes your name, email, phone number, address, and the payment details you use to purchase your subscription if you get RoboForm Everywhere or the business plan.

RoboForm also keeps your Computer ID, which is unique to every computer. All information excluding your unique Computer ID is shared with Stripe, which processes card payments. Also, your email and name may be disclosed to MailChimp and IBM Watson for sending emails. No other individual or company gets your data, though.

Screenshot of the data RoboForm keeps

RoboForm keeps some data, but your sensitive information stays secure

I feel fully comfortable storing sensitive information on RoboForm. It doesn’t keep too much of my personal data and only shares it for payment processing and communication purposes. Also, the fact that it’s privacy shield certified and fully GDPR compliant gives me a great deal of confidence in it.

Try RoboForm risk-free for 30 days



Lots of Features for Secure Password Management

RoboForm started as a form-filling software that eventually became a password manager, so it has many features bringing together the best of both worlds. It’ll let you save, import, and even share passwords and sensitive information with others. Also, you can fill in forms on websites with a single click and give emergency access to someone if need be.

Encrypted Storage for All Your Sensitive Information

I learned through my tests that RoboForm is effective at safely storing passwords and can also secure any other sensitive information. You can keep login information for websites and applications, contact information, and bookmarks. All the stored information is neatly organized into categories, so you can easily navigate through it. Plus, none of your stored data can be accessed without a master password, so you can be sure that it’s secure.

Screenshot of RoboForm's secure information storage

I found it easy to safely store any information I wanted to on RoboForm

The identities feature is also particularly useful. It can be used to keep a person’s name, address, card details, bank account details, car registration information, passport information, and more. This is all very sensitive information but I can safely store it in RoboForm thanks to its industry-standard encryption and privacy-friendly practices.

Secure Password Generator

I used RoboForm to generate secure passwords in a single click whenever I wanted to. This is a really useful feature that activates itself when signing up for websites and creating passwords. It’ll let you generate and fill a secure password with a single click, and RoboForm can store this password as well so you can log in later with ease.

Screenshot of RoboForm's secure password generator

RoboForm’s password generator let me generate secure passwords with one click

You can also customize what kinds of secure passwords RoboForm generates for you. You can set the length, specify which special characters it can use, and make other changes to adjust your new passwords to your liking.

One-Click Saving and Autofill

I was constantly impressed by RoboForm’s reliable form-filling features. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering its roots as a form-filling software, of course. It immediately captured any login information I used and gave me the option to save it.

Screenshot of RoboForm's browser extension capturing login information

RoboForm’s browser extensions always capture any login information I use

Alongside easily capturing this information, I found that RoboForm makes it extremely simple to use saved logins as well. It always gives the option to autofill saved information on websites and I used this to log into them with just one click.

Screenshot of RoboForm's autofill feature

RoboForm’s autofill features saved me a lot of time logging into websites

While RoboForm might not be the most feature-rich password manager, its fast and reliable form-filling capabilities still make it a worthwhile option. Using it to breeze through forms with a single click is incredibly satisfying, and it’s something that you won’t get with most other password managers.

Secure Sharing

I learned in my tests that sharing sensitive information safely is easy with RoboForm. You can pick out individual items and passwords that you want to share, or you can make entire folders and share those at once. It’s a straightforward process and you simply need to give the recipient’s email address to share the information with them.

I can safely share passwords or other sensitive information through RoboForm’s sharing feature

The recipient must have a RoboForm account to receive the shared information, though. If the recipient email doesn’t have a registered RoboForm account, they’ll be asked to make one. Once this is done, they can easily access and use the shared information. You can also specify how much control a recipient has over shared information. You can give recipients read-only privileges, read and write privileges, or complete control over the information you send them.

Sharing passwords and sensitive information is very useful, but having to make an account to access this information can be inconvenient for the recipient. 1Password, for instance, lets recipients view shared data even if they don’t have an account on the service. This is something I’d like to see in RoboForm as well because it makes things easier for recipients.

Automatic Sync

I was pleased to see that RoboForm automatically keeps my information up to date across all the devices I use it on. It has a great automatic sync feature that keeps syncing my data at regular intervals to ensure it’s the same everywhere. I can easily change some information through the mobile app and it’ll automatically update everywhere else I use RoboForm.

The sync feature is only available for the paid RoboForm Everywhere plan, however. If you’re on the RoboForm Free plan, you won’t have access to this because the free plan is limited to a single device.

Emergency Access

You can easily give someone emergency access to your data on RoboForm in case you’re ever unable to access it yourself. You can only grant other people emergency access to your data if you’re on the paid RoboForm Everywhere plan, though. Recipients, on the other hand, aren’t required to have RoboForm Everywhere and can receive access if they’re on RoboForm Free as well.

Screenshot of RoboForm's emergency access feature

Giving someone emergency access to your information is easy with RoboForm

This is easily done through the RoboForm web client in the Emergency Access tab. You simply have to specify the user ID or email address of the RoboForm user to provide them with access. Plus, you can set exactly how long they’ll have access. There’s also a sharing center on RoboForm apps that keeps track of exactly what you’ve shared with others.

Throughout all my testing, RoboForm felt great in terms of features because it brings together the best of password managers and form-filling apps. Other password managers like LastPass sometimes manage to stand out by adding additional features like a built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN), but RoboForm won’t let you down at all.

Try RoboForm risk-free for 30 days

Ease of Use


Easy to Install, Setup, and Use

Installing and using RoboForm is incredibly easy, and it shouldn’t take you any more than a few minutes. All of RoboForm’s apps are easy to use as well thanks to their intuitive designs. Plus, the web extensions will let you save and use login information with one click.


You can use RoboForm almost anywhere you want to because it has desktop apps, mobile apps, and browser extensions. The apps have great designs so they’re easy to use and navigate through, even if you’re new to using password managers.

Screenshot of RoboForm's intuitive mobile app

I found RoboForm’s apps easy to use and navigate through

The mobile and desktop apps are similar in terms of how they work but, as I mentioned earlier, there was one odd difference I couldn’t understand. Only the mobile apps display the compromised passwords section, which is rather odd. The browser extensions work extremely well, and I used them to easily save and manage my passwords as I browsed the web.

Setting up Roboform on Windows

  1. Open the downloads page on RoboForm’s website. Screenshot of RoboForm's home page
  2. Download RoboForm for Windows. Screenshot of RoboForm's Windows app download
  3. Run the installer and go through all its steps. Screenshot of RoboForm's Windows installation
  4. Log in with your master password after installing RoboForm. Screenshot of RoboForm's Windows app login page
  5. Install RoboForm’s browser extensions for the browsers you use. Screenshot of RoboForm's browser extension installation
  6. Safely and easily store all your passwords and sensitive information. Screenshot of RoboForm's Windows app storing data

It took me no more than a few minutes to get RoboForm up and running once I made my account. The whole setup is very user-friendly, and the automatic sync means I can easily use RoboForm on multiple devices and my data will always be there.

Try RoboForm risk-free for 30 days



RoboForm offers helpful support through a ticketing system and email. It also claims to offer live chat and phone support for RoboForm Everywhere users but I couldn’t find a live chat option anywhere. I used their ticketing system to ask how to share login details and got a useful response in just over an hour. Support provided me with links to their knowledge base that had information on the subject. Plus, they gave me alternative ways to do what I wanted to.

RoboForm gives priority support if you’re on the RoboForm Everywhere plan, which could be why I got such a swift response. Your experience may be different if you’re using RoboForm Free. Regardless of how soon you get a response, though, it’ll be helpful and informative.

Screenshot of RoboForm support's response

RoboForm customer support replied to me in a timely manner and was very helpful

Both phone support and live chat are available from 9 am to ⁠6 pm from Monday to Friday. As mentioned above, I couldn’t actually find a live chat option anywhere, even when logged in with my RoboForm Everywhere license. I made sure to check during the specified live chat hours as well but still couldn’t find it.

Screenshot of RoboForm's support options

I couldn’t find RoboForm’s live chat no matter where I looked

RoboForm’s online knowledge base consists of the RoboForm Help Center and RoboForm Manual. The manual gave me the information I needed to use RoboForm effectively and it was all presented in an organized and easy-to-follow manner. The RoboForm Help Center also has lots of guides on how to make the most of RoboForm’s functions, and it’s easy to navigate through.

Overall, even though there doesn’t seem to be any live chat, RoboForm’s support is great. The ticketing and email support feel responsive and useful, while the knowledge base has all the information you’d ever need to use this password manager effectively.

Try RoboForm risk-free for 30 days



RoboForm is one of the most affordable password managers available. It has different plans, including those for individuals and families. Plus, there are separate plans if you want to use RoboForm for your business, and they’re all affordably priced.  Of course, there’s also RoboForm Free that you can use if you only want to use this password manager on a single device without sync and some other features.

There’s the RoboForm Everywhere plan for individuals which is available as a 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year subscription. The 5-year plan offers the best value for money and lets you save up to 16% compared to buying the 1-year plan.

RoboForm Everywhere for families is also available in 1, 3, and 5-year plans. This plan also lets you save up to 16% if you choose to subscribe for 5 years instead of 1. Both plans come with the same set of features, but the family plan offers up to 5 RoboForm everywhere accounts under a single subscription, so it’s definitely well-priced.

RoboForm for Business’ pricing varies depending on how many employees are in your organization. The current cheapest plan is for organizations with over 100 but under 999 employees, while organizations with 10 or under employees will have to pay a bit more.

I was also pleased to see that RoboForm offers seasonal discounts from time to time. I got 25% off when I purchased the RoboForm Everywhere plan because of a promotion that was running at the time. The promotion is no longer active, but it’s likely that there are discounts like this throughout the year. There are also special discounts for students, teachers, and military personnel.

RoboForm supports credit cards, PayPal, and money orders as payment methods. This is a fair variety of options but I would’ve liked to see other methods like cryptocurrency, as it’s supported by password managers like Bitwarden.

Free Trial for 14 Days and a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

RoboForm for Business comes with a 14-day free trial, which is good because the business plan doesn’t have a money-back guarantee. This will let you test all its business-focused functionality for free before you go ahead and make a commitment.

RoboForm Everywhere doesn’t have a trial, but it does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. This will give you a full month to use the password manager and test all its features. If you ever feel like you aren’t satisfied, you can apply for a refund during this 30-day window.

It’s really easy to refund your RoboForm subscription. I simply sent a ticket saying I wasn’t satisfied with my experience and customer support initially provided me with some troubleshooting advice. After confirming that I wasn’t refunding due to technical reasons and simply wasn’t satisfied with what I got, they processed my refund with no questions asked.

Roboform offers the following plans

Bottom Line

RoboForm is safe, effective, and doubles up as a reliable form-filling tool. The password manager offers intuitive ways through which you can easily store passwords and sensitive information, which it secures with military-grade AES 256-Bit encryption.

It’s also privacy-friendly thanks to its GDPR compliance and privacy shield certification. I feel safe storing my sensitive data on RoboForm, knowing that it won’t ever be shared with any other third parties. Plus, it lets me know just how secure my passwords are, and will inform me if any of my passwords are involved in a data breach.

RoboForm is missing a few features such as authentication through USB tokens and some other features seen on other password managers. Nonetheless, it’s great at what it does and manages to stand out thanks to its seamless form-filling abilities. I would definitely recommend trying it out, especially if you’re looking for a straightforward yet reliable password manager to make life easier.

Try RoboForm risk-free for 30 days

FAQs About RoboForm

Is RoboForm good?

RoboForm is very good at what it does. Not only will it let you safely store all your sensitive information, but it’ll also allow you to fill out forms in seconds with a single click. Plus, you can use it to securely share any information you want through a simple process.

Can I use RoboForm for free?

Yes, RoboForm has a free plan that you can use. This plan is limited to one device, but it allows you to store unlimited passwords. It also comes with other useful RoboForm features like automatically filling forms on the web and the helpful password generator. Also, it can capture the login information you use on sites and lets you easily log into them later with a single click.

Some features like automatic sync and granting emergency access won’t be available on RoboForm’s free plan, though.

Is RoboForm really safe?

RoboForm is completely safe. It uses unbreakable AES 256-Bit encryption to secure your data. Also, it handles encryption and decryption locally on your devices to ensure that anything you store is safe from prying eyes and any malicious third parties.

Is RoboForm worth the price?

RoboForm is among the most affordable password managers I’ve come across, so it’s definitely worth the price. The family plan, in particular, offers great value for money and seems perfect for households looking for a safe way to manage their passwords.

Try RoboForm risk-free for 30 days

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