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Viber Overview

With so many Instant Messaging and VoIP apps available, what makes Viber so special and do you really need it?

For starters, there are over a billion people using it worldwide. This is important because Viber texts and calls are only free when it’s a Viber-to-Viber communication.

Some other highlights include:

  • High-quality video and audio calls
  • All calls and messages are securely encrypted
  • Create groups
  • Sync mobile and desktop apps
  • Transfer calls from mobile to desktop
  • Send emoji’s, GIFs, and files

How to Use Viber for Desktop

Viber doesn’t have a standalone desktop app. To use it, you’ll also need to download it for your Android or iPhone. Thankfully, it is very easy to get started.

  1. Click on the DOWNLOAD button in the sidebar to visit the Viber home page.
  2. Download the app for Windows or Mac.
    Download Viber for desktop
  3. Install the program and a popup window with a QR code will open on your screen. use Viber on computer

Meanwhile on your phone

  1. Tap the MORE icon on the bottom right corner of your phone app.
  2. Tap the QR icon on the top right corner.Connect Viber to Desktop
  3. Scan the QR code and it will quickly sync between the devices.

An All in One Communication Tool

When it comes to connecting people, Viber can literally do it all.

  • Free video and audio calls to other Viber users around the world? No problem.
  • Insanely cheap prices to make international Viber to Phone calls? It does that also.
  • Secret chat messages that will self-destruct after being read? Viber has that feature.
  • Set up a local phone number in the US, UK, and Canada that will receive phone calls and SMS messages for a flat low rate.

Send Personalized Viber Stickers

Like most other messenger apps, you send a wide range of emojis and GIFs to convey your emotions, feelings, or just to get a laugh. But where Viber stands apart is in its sticker game. You can either just doodle on a blank canvas, or on a picture, and add in icons and emojis, and it has several editing features to get the perfect sticker.
How to create Viber Stickers

Add fun elements to your pictures

But is Viber Really Secure?

Viber uses end-to-end encryption for all messages and phone calls. This means that the company has no way to read your messages, whether they are sent to a single contact or in a group.

This also protects you from receiving targeted ads based on your conversations, which happens when using other messaging platforms, such as Facebook.

If you want to be extra secure, you can send messages using the Secret Chat feature. It allows you to set a timer to automatically erase the message, it restricts message forwarding, and it will alert you if the recipient attempts to screenshot the message. Secret messages are only available on iPhone and Android devices.

Alternatives to Viber

While Viber is one of the most popular messenger apps, if your contacts aren’t using it, you may want to check out one of these alternatives.

  • Skype: It’s so popular that “Skyping” has become a verb that people often use to refer to video calling someone. It allows for video and audio calls, conference calls, file transfers, group chats, and can make inexpensive calls to non-Skype phone numbers.
  • WhatsApp: With well over a billion users, WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging app in the world. Unlike Viber and Skype, you can only send messages or call users within the WhatsApp network. It also chose to just focus on messaging and calls, and stay away from all the extra features that you’ll find with the competition.
  • Telegram: There is no option (yet) for video calling with Telegram. It does have encrypted voice calls and texting, self-destructing messages, and a desktop mode. Some of the standout features are the groups, channels, and Supergroups that you can join.


Is Viber really free?

If you only plan on communicating with users on the Viber network, then it’s 100% free. However, if you want to call contacts that are not on Viber you will need to purchase a minutes-based long-distance plan. There are a few other features that can be purchased as well.

Is Viber Available Everywhere?

Viber is used in 193 countries and translated into over 40 languages to accommodate for its global user-base.

Does Viber Work in China?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The Great Wall of China blocks Viber, along with nearly every messenger app other than the Chinese owned WeChat. However, there are some VPNs that we’ve tested in China that have proven to work with Viber.

Which is Better: Viber or WhatsApp?

For many people, the answer depends on what apps the majority of their contacts use. Both apps have free audio and video calling to other contacts, groups, broadcast messages, and can sync with multiple platforms.

But that is where the similarities end.

Viber has more features than WhatsApp. I mentioned the Secret Chat, Viber Out (Viber-to-Phone), and getting a local phone number. Another nice feature is called My Notes, which can be used to set reminders, a to-do list, or just something you don’t want to forget. The note is encrypted, just like a message, and backs up across all connected devices.

Who owns Viber?

Viber was purchased for $900 million in 2014 by Rakuten, a Japanese internet service company. At that time there were around 11 million users. Since then, the number of users has grown exponentially and now sits at over 1 billion.

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